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CDL Licensed Drivers

A CDL licensed driver, or a Commercial Motor Vehicle operator required to carry a Medical Card, has to now “Self Certify” their CDL driving intention with their state’s DMV. It went into effect August of 2012, but has a compliance date of January 30, 2014. Drivers should not miss this date.  The consequence to the driver/business if they miss that date is that they may lose CDL privileges and may have to re-apply for their CDL if too much time passes.


Here are a couple of links that are very informative and may help answer any questions:


Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration FAQs:



State of  NH DMV Requirements:


State of Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicle Requirements:


Essentially this will make it easier for drivers because after January 30th, 2014 they will no longer need to carry a physical Medical Card.


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