texting and driving

What does this mean? 

  • No use of hand held electronic devices capable of providing voice or data communication while driving or temporarily halted in traffic for a stop sign or traffic signal or other momentary delays
  • This includes cell phones, GPS, tablets, iPods, iPads, or other devices that require data entry
  • Emergency calls to 911 or other public safety agencies will be allowed
  • Bluetooth or other hands-free electronic devices will be allowed
  • One hand non-cellular 2-way radio use will be allowed
  • Teen drives under the age of 18 will not be allowed to use any electronic devices (hand held or not) except to report an emergency. Anyone violating this will be subject to penalties and license suspension or revocation.

 Penalties for Violations

    • 1st Offense- $100 fine
    • 2nd Offense- $200 fine
    • 3rd Offense within 2 years- $500 fine
Penalty assessments will be added to the fines.

Why is this NH Law Important?

  • During the past 4 years, 116 fatal crashes in New Hampshire were caused by distractions
  • The increased use of electronic devices is fast becoming the primary distraction
  • While texting a driver is 23 times more likely to crash
  • Sending or receiving a text distracts the driver for almost 5 seconds
  • At 50 miles per hour, we travel longer than the length of a football field during that 5 seconds
  • Even dialing a phone number increases the risk of crashing by 3 times.

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