Import facts you need to know:

In these unprecedented times  you  may be asked to indemnify and hold harmless a third party for the exposure of any party to COVID-19 resulting from the condition of any property,  your business operations  or from the indemnified party’s employees or agents presence at a location. You should never sign an indemnification agreement without thinking through the ramifications of such an agreement. When in doubt, please seek out legal advice, or check with your  Account Executive, who can run the indemnification agreement by the insurance carrier for their opinion. 

Please be aware that indemnity agreements, or any other agreement that binds you  to potential liability, will not alter the terms of your insurance policy.  So, if you bind yourself to indemnify a third party, it does not mean that the insurance company will be bound to cover that agreement. The result could be that you may incur a personal, or business, liability that is uninsured. 

Be careful and be thoughtful when being asked to sign indemnity agreements or any other agreement where someone is asking for one party to be responsible for the acts of others.